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July, 2024

Our goal is to help you build your business beyond anything you ever expected, or even hoped.

Most professionals start billing you the moment you walk in their door. That can add up to thousands of dollars. Don't invest one cent of your hard-earned money until you consult our team.

We want to help you make money.

At z web, we offer an obligation-free, consultation service to Christchurch based businesses looking to expand. No exceptions. No tricks.

Speak with experienced web designers and web marketing professionals.

Call us today and receive 60 minutes of advice from one of our trained staff on how to develop your business online ($150 + gst).

chch 03 974 3228
or email us at:


Our combined skills can bring to your company a powerful Internet presence as demanded by todays online public.


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Computer security consulting and the use of an undetectable stealth keylogger to supervise internet use at work or home. Contact us for any application that requires an undetectable keylogger on any platform including Linux.

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